Marta has been playing saxophone all her life. Her very first contact with the instrument was in the marching band of her village, Belorado, in the Burgos region, in Spain. A few years later, and a few teachers later, she finished her professional studies in the Conservatorio de Amaniel, in Madrid, with the professor who influenced her most during her whole career: Ángel Luis de la Rosa. Afterwards she moved to her current home, in Lausanne, in Switzerland, to continue her studies with the great saxophonist Vincent Daoud at the École Sociale de Musique. Also she takes lessons regularly with maestro Pedro Pablo Cámara Toldos in Basel. 

She has performed at Auditorio Nacional de Música, in Madrid, Círculo de Bellas Artes, also in Madrid, Viñarock Festival (Spain), Cully Classique Festival (Switzerland) and Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), among other places. She focuses on classical and new music, but also she has experimented with other styles, like latin jazz during her years in Madrid with the band Clima Limón. Pianist Rafael Gordillo, saxophonist Sara Zazo or violoncellist Ángela Lobato are among her most frequent collaborators.

Marta is also pursuing a PhD in Computer Science at the prestigious École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland.


Photographer: Adan Martin